Mission and Purposes

To promote the growth and development of service provider agencies and to advance the quality of support for individuals with disabilities.

Communication – To enhance communication by providing a means for the sharing and exchange of information, ideas, problems and solutions in areas of mutual concern to member Organizations.

Education and Training – To develop educational and training programs to address the continuing educational and skill enhancement needs of community services personnel.

Influence Public Policy – To monitor legislative, administrative and judicial issues that impact their provision of services to persons with disabilities and to influence the development or modification of public policy in the interest of improving the service delivery system in Tennessee.

Public Relations and Awareness – To provide, in conjunction with member Organizations, an organized public information program as a means of improving the general public's awareness and understanding of the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities and the providers of community services.

Organization Support – To assist member organizations through the provision of technical assistance, consultation and peer support.

Coordination – To endorse and encourage planning, cooperation and understanding among service providers, consumers and governmental entities in order to promote an array of quality services and support.

Litigation – To institute administrative and judicial proceedings to protect and promote the provision of services to persons with disabilities and to protect and promote the rights of community provider organizations and their officers and employees.