CONFERENCE Presentations

2016 TNCO Fall Conference


Speaker: Bill Hubbard

Session: Anti-Trust

Document #1

Document #2


Speaker: Lisa Mills

Session: Fading Job Coaching, Part 1 and 2

Handout: Employment Services - Employers

Session: Community Integrated Support Services (Skyped Session with Amy Brooks, Co-speaker)

Session: Integrated Employment Path Service Models (Skyped Session)

Handout: Job Analysis Form

Session: Implementing Paid Co-Worker Supports in ECF

Handout: TN Employment Brochure (Front and back)

TN Employment Brochure (inside)

Handout: Partners with Business - Overview and FAQ


Speaker: Dr. Tom Pomeranz

Session: Transition From Site Base Services To An Inclusive Life


Speaker: Laura Vegas

Session: Employment and Community First CHOICES


Speaker: Patti Killingsworth

Session: Changing Systems, Changing Lives


Speaker: Amelia Crotwell

Session: What You Should Know About ABLE-TN

Session: Conservatorship - Basics and Hot Topics


Speaker: Chris Crouch

Session: The Art and Science of Helping Non-Profits Flourish

Session: Helping Staff Become More Focused, Organized and Productive

Session: Successfully Developing and Nurturing Positive and Productive Relationships ...

Part 2: Successfully Developing and Nurturing Positive and Productive Relationships...

Session: How to Develop and Maintain Highly Engaged and Motivated ...


Speaker: Amerigroup Panel

Session: Amerigroup's Approach to Employment and community First CHOICES


Speaker: Asia Diggs-Meadors

Session: Department Of Labor Updates

Handout: Guidance For Non-Profit Organizations on Paying Overtime Under The Fair Labor Standards Act