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2016- 2017 TNCO President




It has been my privilege to be associated with such an excellent organization for the past 12 years and I am extremely honored to be the President of the Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO) Board of Directors for the next fiscal year.  I have learned so many valuable things over the years that have helped me grow personally as a Director and also helped our agency prosper.  I appreciate the essential information I have learned from the other Directors over the years and consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to work with each one while serving on the Board. 

Whether you are new to TNCO or a tenured member of the organization, I encourage you to become involved.  Become familiar with the website, join a committee, have a member of your organization join a committee, attend a Board meeting, etc.  The knowledge you’ll gain will be invaluable to you and your organization.  With the collaborative efforts of TNCO, we really are making a difference in advocating for our members as well as the people we support. 

TNCO was established in 1977 and represents over 8,000 Tennesseans with disabilities and 13,000 people employed by member agencies.  The mission “to promote the growth and development of service provider agencies and to advance the quality of support for individuals with disabilities” is accomplished through partnerships and collaborations with TennCare’s division of Long Term Services and Supports, The Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD), various advocacy organizations across the state and the Managed Care Organizations, just to name a few.  TNCO is committed to maintaining these relationships and ensuring that pertinent information about system changes and service delivery is communicated with our members.

Over this past year we have seen many changes and we expect that this upcoming year will be no different.  We need your expertise.  Please consider joining TNCO if you are not a member.  If you are already a member, become an active and involved member.  You will be amazed by all you can gain from this great organization.




Jennifer Enderson


TNCO Past Presidents

1978-1979 – Harvey Arnold

1979-1980 – Harry Gramann

1980-1981 – Eileen Harris

1981-1982 – Fred Waddle

1982-1983 – Evelyn Blythe

1983-1985 – Charles McLeroy

1985-1986 – Mike Carney

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