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TNCO Membership/Renewal Application

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If you have multiple offices within the state of Tennessee, please list who is designated as the primary and the alternate to vote for your agency at the general membership meeting.  Each agency, according to TNCO’s bylaws, can cast only one vote at meetings from either the primary or alternate designee.  The bylaws also state that only the primary or the atlernate designee may serve on the Board of Directors.

What Committees would you be interested in serving on? Use CTRL key to select multiples (See Committee descriptions under ABOUT TNCO)

Dues Calculation
1.         Your Agency’s Fiscal Year 2015-2016 (Actual Service Revenue Only)
Please list your actual 2015-2016 revenues FOR SERVICE ONLY. This DOES include revenues derived for the provision of ANY state or waiver funded service including DIDD and ICFs/IDD revenue.  DO NOT INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN-SERVICE REVENUE FOR YOUR AGENCY: revenue from fundraising, workshop or work-contract revenue including other internal generated revenue, supported living start-up funds, food stamps, STRAP, SSI or other client generated revenue, sale of assets, capital or other grants, United Way, county or city appropriations, tax refunds or other non-service related revenue.
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2.    Find the corresponding revenue in the Annual Membership dues chart below and record your 2017-2018 dues rate.

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5.    By providing the above information to Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO), you consent to receive communications, including advertisements for goods and services, sent by or on behalf of our organization via regular mail, email, telephone or fax. 

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6.    Upon recepit of your application TNCO staff will issue an invoice. Or, you may send a check for payment of at least your first quarter dues to:
Tennessee Community Organizations
40 Rutledge Street
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Questions? Call (615) 736-6090 ext 208
Thank you for joining TNCO. The TNCO's Board of Directors, staff, and its entire community welcome you and look forward a long and productive membership!


TNCO is a nonprofit 501(C)(6) trade association. Dues, contributions and other assessments paid to this association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, payments of membership dues are deductible for some members of a trade association under Section 1662 of the Internal Revenue Code as an ordinary and necessary business expense. TNCO estimates that up to 17 percent (17%) of the fiscal year 2017-2018 budget will be designated for "lobbying" activities. Under federal legislation, businesses may not take tax deductions for business expenses that pertain to lobbying. Therefore, for fiscal year 2017-2018, 83 percent  (83%) of your dues payment may qualify for tax deduction as a business expense.

♦ TNCO uses email as the principal means of communicating with its members informing you of association activities and important legislative and regulatory happenings and issues, sharing opportunities for professional and organizational development, giving you updates on a variety of subjects across the spectrum of our members' interests. By providing the fax numbers and any email associated with your organization, you hereby consent for your organization to receive any fax and email communications sent by or on behalf of the Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO).